Some feature requests

  • Hey, finally something to look forward to after opera 12 😃 my suggestions based on the current preview version: 1. The scrolling is rather derpy. Its just so sluggish to get going and its max speed is way too slow. Its also inconsistent and stutters sometimes depending on view complexity it seems. Its not a performance issue, if I middle click I can zip by real quick and smooth but just something to do with using the wheel. I much prefer a sharper and quicker scroll, sorta like you got going on in your settings menu. 2. Could we get a downloads tab like in opera 12? The download section in f4 menu is usable I guess but IMO just trying to cram too much horizontal information into too little space. Also I enjoy the "Advanced" submenu(that directs me to windows rclick on the file) in opera 12 which is missing from vivaldi. 3. Could we get some kind of access to UI customization? I'm not a fan of the win8 style flat and monotone look also its bigger than it really needs to be, I'd be happy to work on a custom skin myself.

  • Moderator

    Everything you mention is already on the menu.

    Speed and responsiveness, in all aspects, will be improved.

    Download interface will be refined.

    UI customization will be a prominent feature, given the way the UI is built.


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