DevTools: Chrome VS Vivaldi are the very same?

  • HI.
    I was starting to compare Chrome DevTools and Vivaldi DevTools. I'm using Chrome v.70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Vivaldi 2.1.1337.47 (Stable channel) (64-bit). (latest stable versions to date).

    So at the very beginning of the getting started with DevTools, view an element's CSS tutorial, the first step guides the user to inspect an element called Inspect Me!.

    Doing so with Chrome shows me the inspected element in the DOM Tree like this:


    There it is... Now, I'd expect the same using Vivaldi, but this is what I got:


    It doesn't even highlight the element...
    Following the DOM tree that is given by Chrome, I try to get to the element in Vivaldi manually. Following all tags I get to the level where the Inspect Me! element is, but it's not there. In this screenshot I have Chrome to the left and Vivaldi to the right:


    "[This section requires a browser that supports JavaScript and iframes.]"
    Well... I have JavaScript enabled and I see the iframe there... So... What does that mean?

    I know Vivaldi is based in Chromium but Chrome is essentially the same, isn't it?

    Why this simple tutorial is not working as expected in Vivaldi?
    Thanks in advace!!

  • @metafaniel It should be the same of chromium with the same configuration (cookies/javascript/extensions).
    If you notice difference in codes could be due different user agent (the site content may change with different browser strings), extensions which are on V and not on chrom* and, sometimes, a bug (in such case report what you discover).
    Scriptblockers (as umatrix) often "locks" some javascripts/iframes resources on sites.
    I get the same message, [This section requires a browser that supports JavaScript and iframes.] but I use extensions that "lock" some google resources, so it's quite normal.
    During such test, is always suggested to disable extensions, or use a copy without any extension on it (for closest results).

  • @hadden89 I understand what you say, but I tested it... I know my previous screenshot doesn't reflect this and I didn't mention it (sorry), but I do test this in Incognito windows in each browser. That means no extensions were enabled because none of them in any of the browsers have permissions to be allowed in Incognito (I verified manually each one of them to be absolutely sure). By doing so, the described behavior remains...

    What else can I test? Why in this example both browsers don't get the same expected result?

    Thanks again for reading.

  • @Hadden89 in this case it seems to be DevTools inability to inspect out-of-process iframes.
    Reproduced with extensions disabled on 2.2.1369.6, different platforms.

    @metafaniel could you check iframe process state in Chrome to compare DevTools capabilities?
    Chrome might uses a (different) whitelist to what it considers same domain or maybe has the opt-out state by default for now.

    For Vivaldi the #site-isolation-trial-opt-out needs to manually be set to the (not recommended) Opt-out value to get inspection on that site to work correctly (for now).
    Otherwise the frames are confined in a separate subframe process for The iframe query is redirected to that (external) domain (also when using curl).
    So another posiblility would be Google using user agent sniffing to serve a "locally" hosted version for Chrome only.
    Kill that process (Shift+Esc) to see the dead bird for affected sections of that page. ☺

  • @becm Hi, thanks: that seems to be the case.
    So Chrome and Vivaldi iframe process appears as: Incognito Subframe:
    Killing the process as suggested makes appear as many sad faces in Chrome as dead birds in Vivaldi.
    Also disabling #site-isolation-trial-opt-out makes the inspection work as expected and makes this Incognito Subframe process disappear, of course. You did it!!

    But now what? Is that a good thing, a bad thing or is it neutral? 😛

  • @metafaniel definitely a bad thing. Reproduced it with out-of-the-box profile to make sure it's not one of our "paranoid" non-standard config options. ☺

    If both browsers use subframe processes and only Chrome can (correctly) inspect in those conditions:
    Either Vivaldi DevTools lack the (actual) ability to access subframe processes or there might be some config magic (possibly in this case via devsite.devsite.Init() JavaScript operations?) not applied correctly (or by choice) to allow it.

    I'd say it's a bug, unless somebody else has (or can ping someone with) deeper knowledge of what's (not) happening here exactly?

  • Moderator

    It is a bug.
    Works in Chrome 71 but not Snapshot 2.2.

    @metafaniel You should report it. I will confirm it if you poste the VB-XXXX number of the reported bug here.

    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • @becm said in DevTools: Chrome VS Vivaldi are the very same?:

    @metafaniel definitely a bad thing. (...)

    @gwen-dragon said in DevTools: Chrome VS Vivaldi are the very same?:

    It is a bug. (...)

    That seemed to be the case, I just wanted to be completely certain. Thanks guys!

    @gwen-dragon said in DevTools: Chrome VS Vivaldi are the very same?:

    (...) @metafaniel You should report it. I will confirm it if you poste the VB-XXXX number of the reported bug here. (...)

    @Bug/Report said

    Your bug report has been given the issue reference VB-46458

    It's done folks. Thanks for your support!

  • Moderator

    @metafaniel said in DevTools: Chrome VS Vivaldi are the very same?:


    I confirmed it yet.

  • The solution to set the flag #site-isolation-trial-opt-out won't work after the update to 2.5. When the flag is disabled, many extensions will crash, for example uBlock Origin, Adguard and the User-Agend Switcher (to get whatsapp web running). Also PDF files seem to be affected. If I try to open one, it will not render.

    In the last stable version (2.4) everything worked fine.

    Did anyone find a workaround for this?

  • Moderator

    @kr1styan Thanks for your investigation! 👍 Helpful!

    I can confirm Disabling vivaldi://flags#site-isolation-trial-opt-out let frame inspection work in devtools but break many extensions.

    I updated the bug entry for VB-46458.

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