• When downloading files on a somehow weak internet connection, the files stop downloading midway and have to be re-downloaded. This is a headache when downloading big files like 2GB or so since it downloads upto 700MB and then stops..starts downloading again from 0MB. Anyone else having this problem?? :huh:

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    Can this file be resumed normally in Presto Opera v12 or another browser? Because download not resuming may be a limitation on the server where the file is in.

  • Yup. In fact I use IDM for downloads and it resumes again even if the download stops. It doesn't seem to b ea server limitation problem.

  • I'm having a similar download problem with all 2016 releases of Vivaldi, but on a fast connection.

    Whenever I initiate a Vivaldi update download (prompted by Vivaldi), the download will begin, and run almost to the end (usually about 38mb of a 40mb download, for example), before it crashes with an error message with something about checking that I'm connected to the internet. Unfortunately I haven't been able to screenshot the message yet.

    However, if I restart Vivaldi and go to the Check for Updates option, the download will restart where it left off, and run to end.

    I don't have download or similar problems with anything else, and I suspect this is some sort of server problem at the Vivaldi end.

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    The bug with the Updating is known.

    The broken downloads occurs for some usesr in some countries.
    Seems the Vivaldi download server is protected by Cloudflare's technology which cuts off traffic below a special transfer rate. 😞

  • Thanks. It's not a big problem, but it's nice to know what causes it.

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    I'll contact the Vivaldi server admin next week to investigate what can be done.


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