"Volume Up" / "Down" keys causes AdBlock Extension to pop up and take focus from website

  • Issue with Vivaldi Version 2, bug not present in Version 1. Updated just yesterday.

    My keyboard has extra keys for volume up and down.

    I press volume up or volume down, and the AdBlockPlus Extension pops up from the toolbar.

    The website I'm reading loses focus and I can no longer scroll up or down with the arrow-keys. I have to use the mouse to click on the website.

  • Confirmed (sort of) with Vivaldi 2.1.1337.47 (Stable channel) (64-bit), except that the speaker-mute key triggers my Click&Clean extension (the first one of several on the little extension toolbar). If I press the 'mute' key beside the 'volume-down' key on my keyboard, a volume indicator showing the system's volume number beneath pops up in Vivaldi's upper left corner (and fades away after 3 seconds), but the control panel for my Click&Clean extension also appears along with the volume indicator, remaining on-screen until I mouse-click anywhere within Vivaldi. (The C&C panel appears in its usual place in Vivaldi's upper right corner.)

    If I re-press the mute button before the volume indicator fades while the C&C panel is present on-screen, the volume indicator displays an "X" at its bottom indicating muting has occurred (normal behavior) but the C&C panel disappears.
    If that mute key is again re-pressed, the key acts like a toggle which turns C&C's panel off and on, 'on' corresponding to each time the volume indicator displays the number for being un-muted.

    A curious thing is that occasionally, the C&C panel doesn't pop-up with an initial mute-key pressing, particularly if I'm typing in this forum's text-box. That is, it only pops up with that key pressed if I make sure to click elsewhere in the Vivaldi page display outside this site's textbox immediately before pressing the key.

    In my case, however, my keys for volume-up and volume-down both operate strictly as they should, with no C&C (or any other) extension control-panel pop-ups appearing at all. (I don't have an AdBlockPlus extension, but have C&C, Ghostery, and DisableJavascript [paused])

    So, it appears that in Vivaldi, certain extensions are indeed intercepting and being triggered by different volume-key codes coming from those keyboard keys, and the behavior is somehow related to certain kinds of Vivaldi focus details.

  • Update from today has issue "focus lost from website after 'volume up/down' keys + extension pops up from addressbar" changed but not solved.

    Pressing "Volume Up" or "Down" keys repeatedly with slow time interval will cause the extensions menu (AdBlock) to first appear and then disappear. Keyboard focus is lost from page (can't scroll view with keys).

    Pressing "Volume Up" or "Down" keys repeatedly with quick time interval will change background color of the extensions icon on the addressbar. Keyboard focus is not lost from page (can scroll).

    Pressing the volume keys while typing in this text field and the extension does not appear. The page will also not lose keyboard focus. (I can move the coursor) (smiley here)

    Vivaldi 2.1.1337.51 (Stable channel) (32-Bit)
    Betriebssystem Windows

  • @dskfjl3jlrjl
    As you two don't say a word about it - did you reported this as a bug? (btw I can confirm this too)

    You can report a bug here: https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

  • Moderator

    I have seen this issue happening very infrequently for a long time - it is way older than version 2.1. I can't remember if I ever filed a bug for it though.

  • @zaibon

    Thank you very much for the URL to the bugreport. I will file this now.

  • @dskfjl3jlrjl
    When you file a bugreport the tool is asking you for a mail address, to this mail address will be send a mail with the bugnumber VB-xxxx could you please post it here so if somebody is using the forum search for this topic will have the bugnumber as well? Merci


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