Numbered menu accelerators – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1373.4

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    @Folgore101 That's normal. Internal testers get at least a build a day during the week as a rule, That way we get to test changes as they happen, and new bugs or regressions can be picked up and tracked down quickly.

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    @Ayespy Thank you. It's always interesting to know what's going on behind the scenes.

  • @Ayespy said in Numbered menu accelerators – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1373.4:

    Internal testers get at least a build a day during the week as a rule

    Have you found some cunning way to make each of your days 56 hrs long? I mean, apart from the intense rhythm of the V Dailies, & the V Forum Modding, there's presumably also trivial matters like family & work. It's just totally amazeballs.

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    @Steffie It appears to me that a typical tester/mod does neglect family and work a bit, put in an unhealthy number of hours engaged with the browser, the forums and the devs, and put in about an 18 hour day between all of these (not counting the tester/mods who have sleep disorders and only get about 4 hr sleep a night).

    My Sunday-Monday went like: took the first half of Sunday off. Around 6pm began work on a job concerning a local murder 3 months ago, finished that and turned it in 4:00am Monday. Hit the rack until 9:00 AM, at which time I began turning rescue dogs out for exercise, fed the horses, downloaded the newest test version, ran thru all of my unread forum posts, and resumed correspondence with lawyers, etc. Fed the visiting beagles I'm babysitting, let them out to stretch their legs, popped the hood on the truck and installed a new air cleaner mounting gasket. Cleared the trouble light code so that hopefully it will pass a smog check in two weeks, called and orderd a replacement gas cap for it from a local parts house. Back to the computer, more correspondence, work on identifying defendants and locating them to be served, on two cases. Head to the parts house, get the gas cap, return and install it. Feed the feral cat that will rub on my legs but won't let me touch it. Mid-day exercise for some of the dogs, back to correspondence, writing and sending invoices, and an in depth background check on the killer from Sunday's murder case, interspersed with forum check-ins and a couple of comments to help users. Mid-day exercise for the rescue dogs. Telco from my son-in-law's brother. He's on his way to pick up (borrow) the hunting trailer and the quad. More work on line concerning both my job and the forums. Hunting trailer dude shows up, and it's on. From 3:45 until 9:00 pm, it's mucking stalls, dumping the muck cart, putting the wheels on the trailer (kept indoors so they won't go bad), loading the quad into the truck (it doesn't fit, so it has to be arranged in a special position so the tail gate can be strapped mostly shut.), pizza for dinner, hooking up and testing trailer lights, emptying the trailer of items that won't be needed on this trip, stashing the Rubbermaid bins with the excess items, fetching items from the garage, getting the dude on the road. From 9:00-10, text convos with spouse who is out of state, more on line work, then last evolutions with the dogs for end of day, in bed incredibly early (11:35 pm) because I am totally knackered, watch the day's recording of The Voice, fall asleep. So - nothing much going on there. (Last Wed AM, from 3-5, I was doing a site safety study across town, because that's when and where another homicide occurred.) My life is completely boring.

  • @Ayespy said in Numbered menu accelerators – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1373.4:

    My life is completely boring

    Not only that, but also utterly irresponsible. A very careful forensic dissection of your post strongly implies more than a chimera of possibility that you are spending a disreputably large amount of time not slaving away on exclusively V matters. How dare you [or, were i Catherine Tate, How Very Dare You]? I hope that Jon gets wind of this self-indulgent misbehaviour & immediately stops paying you the big bucks you've hitherto ripped off V.

    Totally OT: ooh nice, CCR's Proud Mary just streamed. Happy.

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    @Steffie I love John Fogerty's Vocals. Much prefer them to Tina's. To each their own, I suppose.

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    @Steffie Speaking of salary, I just received notice that Vivaldi will be increasing my wages by a multiple of what they presently are! How much is five times zero?

  • @Ayespy I do hope you rebuff that palpably inadequate offer, & hold out for 7x [you know you're worth every cent], otherwise it's back to Edge for you.

  • Win 10 64 Viv 64

    First don't know how long this will be left on. It seems the moderator definitely has their favorites they can talk to each other in inordinate amount of time off topic. Whereas if I do even if it is about browser development of Linux tool open source to help develop it gets erased.

    It seems to me and Viv is getting SO many features I can't keep up with them but I am having a few problems show up where the same page on FF have none.
    I was ordering checks yesterday and it had a drop-down menu of color choices. Trouble no matter how I tried had no more than two show blue, green when ten were available on FF.

    My windows panel does't fill in with tab names sometimes when sitting for awhile.

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    @Dovelove Here, Vivaldi shows pages that are essentially identical to the way other browsers show them. I've yet to run into a different appearance since about 3 years ago. That said, there are a lot of security and adblock extensions that block page content in Vivaldi and not in other browsers.

  • @ayespy:
    I only have ublock orgin gorhill they are on BOTH browsers. I rebooted etc. and couldn't get it to clear up to show other colors on drop down..thanks as I said had to finish order on FF.

  • Still the same accelerator for Clone and Close in the Window panel context menu. Why change the one for Close from O to C?
    alt text

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    @apanx This shoudl not happen.

    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • @apanx The same bug affects the Tab Context Menu too.

  • Interesting LOl

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