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  • Hi there, I'm constantly annoyed by the text extrapolation ("suggestion") done to what I type in the address bar. I want this behavior: [ol] [li]The user types in text.[/li] [li]S/he hits the return key.[/li] [li]Vivaldi uses exactly that text the user has typed in.[/li] [/ol] Currently, Vivaldi extrapolates the text (i.e., shows a suggestion), and when the user hits the return key, it uses the extrapolated text. To avoid that, the user has to hit the delete key before hitting the return key. That's not acceptable. I've been using Unix since 1980's, and when I'm typing text, [i]I'm conditioned to hit the delete key only when I want to delete the character before the text cursor.[/i] Also the return key almost always mean "commit"; so, forcing the user to type something extra before committing is not a good design. These are deep-ingrained habits and hard to change. So, I think the default behavior should be that extrapolation happens only when the user asks for it. For example, on the bash prompt or on the emacs command line, extrapolation happens only when s/he hits the Tab key. Remember that Vivaldi is for power users. Regards, Ryo

  • I don't mind the suggested text having the priority, although I understand that many people would like an option to disable that.

    What does bother me though, a lot, is that the suggestions aren't instant, as in the old Opera. Instead, when I start typing, I don't get any suggestions. Then, when I stop typing, after a second, the suggestion shows up, and takes over the address bar. All that happens in the same amount of time that takes me to press Enter, not being able to notice that the address has been changed. That's very frustrating, since most of the time I have to take extra effort any time I'm trying to visit a site that I've visited already before.

  • This behavior keeps driving me nuts. It affects not only the text you type, but also that you paste into the address bar. Fortunately, the new Paste-and-Go right-click feature alleviates the latter problem.

    Extrapolation (suggestion) is fine and helpful in many cases, but I want the extrapolation not to be committed unless I hit some key to explicitly accept it.



  • +1

    When I type '', the suggestions change while I type and ends up defaulting to a search I did before. Extremely annoying.

  • Jon already stated here that they spent a lot of time and efforts, when they implemented the function in Opera, to get it working exactly as the user expects, and probably a lot of time and efforts will be needed to attain the same result in Vivaldi.

    So no need to ask further about it, they are perfectly aware of what should be ironed out, they need just some time.

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