Open Saved Session when Vivaldi Starts

  • Add option on save session windows 'Open this session next time, when Vivaldi starts'.

    This option open last saved session only once, when startup Vivaldi.

  • Is this already available in Settings?
    Startup -> Startup with -> Last Session
    Startup -> Startup with -> Specific Pages

    If not, how is your request different than those?

  • @Bewc

    • Startup with Last Session will always open the tabs and windows that were open when Vivaldi was closed
    • Startup with Specific Pages will always start up with the specified tabs
    • The feature request is to Startup with the saved session next time, overriding whatever Startup option is currently set.

    I don't see much point to it as it only takes a single shortcut to open the sessions list. I use Shift+O to open saved sessions, and Shift+S to save the current session.

    Perhaps some users save hundreds of sessions, but since the most recently saved session is always listed first, it is very easy to reopen the last saved session. One can sort the sessions list by clicking on the column headings.

  • Becouse you must remember to open last session, sometimes I forgot to open last session.


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