[Unblocker] How to solve Vivaldi crash problem

  • Sometimes Vivaldi browser freezes (you can not start it anymore). - It is impossible to end the Vivaldi process in Task Manager or via CMD commands, and it is not possible to start up Vivaldi browser anymore. - The only solution WAS: restart PC. A solution that always works Download and install this: http://www.electronmedia.in/wp/google-chrome-start-issues-chrome-exe/ Go to this folder: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ Click on folder Vivaldi. Right mouse click: Unblocker Click the Unlock All button Then you can start up Vivaldi browser again. This works perfect for me now.

  • Thanks for the information… it may come in handy. Just as an observation, my old programming friends would have loudly said "Any application program that can hang the system so it can't be terminated is a flawed application program." And, yes, Chrome/chromium, I'm looking at YOU.


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