Right-click menu doesn't work with a Wacom tablet

  • Hey guys, I have a Wacom tablet and I use it instead of mouse or trackpad to browse too. I noticed that when I try to click with the right click using my pen the right menu doesn't appear. At first I thought that was a bug with Vivaldi, but when I try to right-click (2 fingers) on my Macbook's trackpad it works properly. Does anyone have idea about what is happening? Thanks,

  • I have this issue too - the Wacom trackpad works, and the pen even works on the address bar and UI, it's just within the actual browser box that right-click fails to work. Also, mouse gestures are a bit too sensitive for Wacom tablets (which may be related to this issue).

  • Right click menu still doesn't work correctly in the current release. I'm using an Intuos Pro.

    Here's me right clicking forever

  • Also have problems with clicking and the Wacom pen. Very annoying!

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