Problems using Vivaldi with Evernote (Clipper and Forum pages)

  • Hi. I'm using the latest Evernote Clipper Extension 7.7.0, on Vivaldi 2.1.1337.47 (64bit)

    Evernote will clip any page successfully, but there are two fields in the extension for a clip title, and for a comment about the clipped item, where I can click and see a flashing cursor - but nothing else works. Arrow keys, characters, delete... no keyboard action will move or change the cursor, or add any more information into the panel.

    I can work around this by clipping first, and adding title and comments later; but it's a pain. And I use Evernote a LOT.

    Unrelated (I think) but similar - the Evernote forums page - - has an editor panel similar to this one, with a toolbar for bold / italic / links etc... Only a few of those links will work for me when using Vivaldi. I can't convert the link above forinstance like this.. Evernote forums page

    Needless to say, both clipper and toolbar work fine in Chrome and Firefox.

    Have played around with a few settings for cookies, but no success in getting this working. Anyone any suggestions for me please?

    I'm on Windows 10 (1709) and a Dell Inspiron i7

  • @cliffes Yes. Keyboard doesn't work in Evernote extension in Vivaldi. You can not add keywords,, change title, nothing. This is the reason I can not use Vivaldi as my browser 😕

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