Distinguishing between a normal Vivaldi browser window and a Print dialog window

  • I have an AutoKey desktop automation script which only works correctly when called on an open Vivaldi Print dialog window.

    My problem is that I don't know how to programmatically detect the Print dialog window.

    The normal method I use is to look at a window's title and class to identify it, but the Print dialog window has the identical title and class that the underlying normal browser window does and I can't tell them apart.

    Running my script on a normal browser window where there's no dialog to interact with makes a mess of things.

    For the moment, I manually make sure not to start it unless the Vivaldi Print dialog is already open, but I frequently get it wrong because I have a similar script for use with Firefox and Thunderbird which works fine starting from a normal browser window.

    I'm thinking of opening a Vivaldi feature request to have the title or class of the Print dialog window changed so I can recognize it. (E.g. Having the title start with something like "Print:".)

    I'm also looking at using kwin (KDE 5.9, on kubuntu 18.04) to see if there are distinguishing attributes I can test, but I am unfamiliar with that complicated tool.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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