Configurable address toolbar and finer grained control on muting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1369.6

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    @gwen-dragon As I said, I'm using the Windows "defaults" here and I do not care enough about this issue to investigate it any further. I have a very particular paranoia workflow that depends on not setting my main browser as the default. Unless I'll be able to configure the browser so that the URLs from other applications are opened in Private Windows by default, I'm not going to set my main browser as the system default.

    PS. I know, I probably abused the word » d e f a u l t « here, so I tried to at least use a different text formatting/styling each time, to make it more bearable for the reader. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 😌

  • Super. Maybe one day in the far future the address bar will be as customizable as it is in Firefox. Okay, that's tongue-in-cheek, but, while I use Firefox rarely, it is definitely the gold standard in configuring buttons.

  • @ayespy: Hi. Sometimes certain fixes don't get mentioned in changelogs as I've seen reports on that happening before. I usually check to see if the scrollbar issues have been fixed. One is, but haven't seen the other issue addressed. Unless they're tied together. Thanks.

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