Configurable address toolbar and finer grained control on muting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1369.6

  • @zakius said in Configurable address toolbar and finer grained control on muting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1369.6:

    that's a blatant lie

    You say that because you do not know what luetage knows. He is the man to ask when it comes to modifying the browser.

    Though it is true to say that advanced modifications are still not available to the average new user, the ability has been there from the start because of the way that Vivaldi is built.

    I use a few customisations provided by various users who frequent the Modding Forum.

    • I made my Start Page thumbnails and folders transparent
    • I hid the navigation bar in the start page
    • I moved the Show/Hide panels button to the right because my panels are on the right

    These are simple things. Much more is possible.

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    @zakius said in Configurable address toolbar and finer grained control on muting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1369.6:

    @luetage said in Configurable address toolbar and finer grained control on muting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1369.6:

    Vivaldi has been the most customisable browser out there right from its release

    that's a blatant lie and everyone knowing browsers market knows this

    First, you are reminded that the first rules of this forum are to show other users respect and to be courteous. Calling a user a liar is not in keeping with that primary rule. Don't do it again.

    Second, I invite you to direct me to any browser alive today other than Vivaldi, that (without extensions) allows a user to put tabs top, bottom, left, right, show or not show the tab bar, put address bar top or bottom, side panel to left or right, show or not show the address bar, status bar, side panel; has web panels, has integrated notes, built-in screen grabber that allows an area to be selected or captures scrollable page, lets you turn unread tab indicators or sound icons or tab title notifications on and off, lets you use any custom image on speed dials or for speed dial background, lets you have multiple speed dial pages, select what data is and is not synced, even has quick commands, lets you customize mouse gestures, customize keyboard shortcuts, pick your start page(s), make pinned tabs invulnerable or closable, show or not show tab thumbs and tab previews, has a visual tab cycler (or not depending on how you set it), gives you the choice of tooltips or statusbar appearance, use or not use native window, change the color of every UI element to any one of 16 million colors, use or not use site highlight colors on tabs or browser elements, zoom either the page or the interface itself, or both, adjust the UI contrast, use or not use any background image of your choice in the UI, change the browser menu style; change the tab-switching orders and methods, pick the content of any new tab, specify individual widths for web panels, even has web panels, change panel to fixed or floating, stack and tile tabs, make your tabs transparent or not, has a window panel, customize the behavior of your address bar, show or not show a search bar (in address bar or speed dial), show icons only or labels only on the bookmarks bar, etc., etc., etc.

    Arguably, any browser that lacks the inbuilt options of Vivaldi is less customizable. Hence, @luetage is not lying. If other browsers have the options you want, and Vivaldi does not, you should use those other browsers rather than spending time and screen real estate slagging off Vivaldi. Yes?

  • @Pesala @ayespy first of all @luetage never said without extensions (additionally while I also think that some features should be supported natively having poor native implementation is always worse than a proper extension, like mouse gestures for example), secondly said "from its release" so quite a long time ago when Firefox was still alive making extensions much more powerful than currently (or in V), but even without extensions there were ways of injecting own JS into Firefox' chrome (I'm not 100% sure about this one though), restyling it or completely rebuilding XUL so... sorry but even if it wasn't intentional lie that statement wasn't true
    Maybe I was too harsh in this comment, I admit, but I got used to people spouting every kind of utter nonsense just to cover up for their products (or products their use) shortcomings, and to make it even worse it's a common behavior on this forum (and even in the official blog posts) and it's one of the things I can't stand the most
    And that's also why I am highlighting these nonsenses when I stumble upon them. I understand that making an advanced and high quality piece of software takes time and I have nothing against spending as much time as is needed on that, but if I see early alpha reaching 2.0 milestone something is absolutely not right. If I see a beautiful manifest that was meant to guide the development but then the same people are proudly presenting unfinished features and calling them perfect it's just sad

  • @ayespy Very well said!

    All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

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    @zakius You are entitled to your opinion, and entitled to state it (in a courteous and respectful fashion). Remain aware, however, that your opinion is your opinion, and not objective reality.

    Others have very different opinions and very different viewpoints, and they are no more wrong than you are. Stating as though it were established fact that statements about Vivaldi are to "cover up for shortcomings" and that that is what users are doing in this forum, labeling users' sincere opinions as "nonsense," calling 2.0 an "alpha," making declarations as to what is wrong and right, and misrepresenting the positions of others (such as that anyone at any time presents the unfinished as perfect) - all of these are calculated to make your opinion the only right one, and all other opinions wrong; in other words, to set yourself up in opposition to the community.

    When you believe something others don't believe, it is bad manners to hold it out as the only true and correct belief, unless you have hard evidence to prove your rightness and the wrongness of everyone else. I submit such evidence is lacking. So I would invite you to PUSH for the things you want that do not yet appear, and refrain from ascribing bad intent and undesirable characteristics to people who aren't looking for what you are, or who have not yet provided it. No one wins points here for making others feel bad or look bad.

  • @zakius I never talked about extensions. So no idea what you're rambling on about. I've also never been a big Firefox user, but I believe you could never customise the UI with javascript. Anyway, it doesn't really matter, because the new Firefox Quantum only has userChrome.css and that's the browser we should be comparing Vivaldi to. Considering this Vivaldi easily wins me over, because you can customise functionality with javascript – and that's a big deal. And yes, Vivaldi gave us this opportunity right from the start. Just to stay with the example of toolbar buttons, we could always remove them, exchange their icons, place them anywhere in the UI and even create our own buttons with our own custom functionality. No other browser gives you this kind of freedom.

    Of course it's all because Vivaldi is built upon web technologies. You have the same level of customisation in applications like visual studio code and atom.

  • Finally! I can get rid of that ugly home button. Instantly my browser is much better looking.

  • Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this:

    I have a folder of bookmarks on my bookmark bar. When I click to open the folder (or sub-folders within the folder) many of the bookmark names have a '&' as the first character. Instead of 'Banking" I see '&anking'.

    If I open the same folder using F4, bookmarks, the names displayed are perfect, so I think it's some kind of display issue, and Vivaldi didn't change the names of my bookmarks.

    Also just want to say great job on all the additions/changes in this latest Snapshot, and most of all, thank you for fixing the Widevine DRM issue on Linux!!!

  • @jimtdi There is a new setting to show access keys on bookmark menus as underlined. See Settings, Bookmarks.

    0_1542539014372_Access Keys.png

    With the setting enabled, use & before the character that you wish to underline. To display an & use two of them &&, e.g &M && Ms to display as:

    M & Ms

  • @ugly: I can confirm that (Win7-x64, Viv-x64)

  • @pesala Thank you for your reply! I see that setting now, and it was unchecked, so I checked it and now my bookmark titles look correct. It would seem that having it un-checked (by default) should/would not affect the display of my current bookmark names, and why V chose some to begin some names with '&' and others not, is still a mystery to me - but at least they look better now after checking that box.

    It only seemed to affect the names in the folder on my bookmark bar, and not the names if I look in the Bookmarks themselves. Appreciate the heads up!

  • Thank you so much for the ability to customize the buttons - finally! I wonder if we'll ever get something which Firefox had where you could just drag+drop whatever buttons you wanted onto the bar. And be able to move back buttons without having to 'reset to default'.

  • @para-noid haha I never thought this would need clarification but ok 🙂 By what I wrote I meant that the quality and stability of the snapshot is so good that it feels like it is the stable (version/branch), and thus one can make it his default browser easily. Also if you check my sig I also use it as "portable" or "standalone" as you and Vivaldi call it. 🙂

  • @npro said in Configurable address toolbar and finer grained control on muting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1369.6:

    Also if you check my sig I also use it as "portable" or "standalone" as you and Vivaldi call it. 🙂

    We only call it standalone because it is NOT portable and we want to avoid confusing newcomers.

  • @tbgbe As you can see calling it "standalone" is already confusing users, because it implies portability 😛 That's the problem, not the solution.

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    @luetage @TbGbe @npro I sense an impending cluttering of the comments for this snapshot. That seems to be what happens every time someone mentions the "Standalone/portable" issue.

    Here is a link to a number of threads already created on the issue if anyone wants to learn or discuss further

  • Can't go to Bookmarks from a different Speed Dial other than the default one (by clicking "Bookmarks" on the non-default Speed Dial, left to History), anyone having the same problem?

  • @luetage Exactly, it's also what wikipedia says: "A portable application (portable app), sometimes also called standalone, is a program designed to read and write its configuration settings into an accessible folder in the computer, usually the folder where the portable application can be found.", so the problem is on the implementation and not on the word. 🙂

  • @npro I just tested by right-clicking on another bookmark folder in the Bookmarks Panel, and setting it as a speed dial folder. I had no problem opening the Bookmarks Tab from that Speed Dial's navigation bar.

  • @pesala I have just downloaded the snapshot again and "installed" it as a standalone on a different path. Here is a video of it:

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