We are being invaded by spammers!

  • I've spent the last 30 minutes reporting page after page after page of spam posts and posters infesting the blogs. We all need to pitch in and do this and report them to the moderators. Every post has a little button you can press and report it. If you are not sure if a 'foreign' looking blog, forum or comment post is spam or you just can't understand the strange words and letters, then go to Google translate and then paste it in. You'll soon have your answer. You can usually tell a spam post by running your eyes over the text of foreign letters you don't understand. Look for major repetition of letters and numbers as this is a very good clue. It's often chock a block full of repeated words and numbers for the specific purpose of attracting the attention of search engines like Google. I'm tired of going through endless pages of crap trying to find valid posts from the good people here at Vivaldi.net. So if we all pitch in and report this rubbish, we can make this a better place for everyone. It's time to kick out these sleazy spamming whores.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Perhaps spam-hunter awards may help make people more proactive :D
    It often comes in waves, but since news broke about the browser it has come thick and fast (mostly thick).

    Since the browser release the staff here are divided between tasks, so they do indeed rely on us to spot and report spam posts, blogs and PMs.
    In the before time, some of those busy coders actually had a social life here, and we even played geeky forum games (must resurrect them).

    Don't get too disheartened, people wake at different points and there is some overlapping of reports.
    Unfortunately as you are aware not enough people are proactive so it can take a while.

  • I love geeky forum games! Yes Yes Yes :woohoo: :whistle: :silly:

  • Geeky forum games? What are they? Can someone inform me please? Does it include fur-lined handcuffs? LOL :lol:

  • @Dr.Flay:

    Perhaps spam-hunter awards may help make people more proactive :D

    Not sure what kind of awards you'd hand out for something like that. Talk to me about a bottle of vodka and you have my attention instantly! I wish there was a dancing banana icon on this thing…. drat!

    I admit that I'm a voracious guillotine for all things spam. Off with their heads! As soon as I spot one of these lepers my 'click' finger swings into action and I pull the switch that let's the blade fall in all it's majesty. It's quite satisfying imagining heads filling the virtual basket. :P

  • Vivaldi Translator

    It seems the spammers are also using vivaldi mail which may give us problems with our own email being junked.
    At this rate we may have to move over to manual confirmation of accounts, or start blocking IPs like the gamer forums.

    A quick hunt reveals our last game of "Around the World" was last November.
    Find a photo of something interesting and ask "where is this ?" in a thread named "Around the World No.xx"
    You can search for the other threads with the same name, and see how difficult we like it.

    Or perhaps you…
    121 111 117 32 109 97 121 32 112 114 101 102 101 114

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