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    Bringing up the old issue again since I find it very annoying. Existing behavior is counter-intuitive.
    I type Ctrl+T and can't find the new tab where I expect it to be.

    In the linked topic I finally discovered that the "New Tab" entry in the tab context menu (in the Window Panel) actually does the trick. It's inconsistent - how I was supposed to discover that, if it looks like the same command? So before now I was cloning current tab instead.

    1. Initially I was looking for some way to configure this behavior in the Tabs settings page. There is even a checkbox called "Open Tabs in Current Tab Stack", but it doesn't affect the new tab behavior. For me, Ctrl+T to respect this setting will be much preferred behavior. I don't mind it to be another checkbox too, but devs probably want to keep their number low.

    2. After discovery of the tab-specific "New Tab" command, I think this can also be addressed in a different way. Make New Tab and New Stack (or New Top-level Tab, whatever best describes it) as distinguishable full-featured commands, so I can use what I needed at the moment from F2 panel or configure hotkeys for them.

    Either of these two will make my experience with Vivaldi better.

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  • @killy-mxi Thread moved to the correct forum.

    My opinion is that this would work best if New Tab from the tab-stack context menu opened a new tab in the current tab-stack (as it does in the Window Panel), and if Ctrl+T and the New Tab Button continued to do what they are configured to do, i.e. Open new tab After Related Tab, After Active Tab, or As Last Tab.

    0_1542352845515_New Tab in Stack.png

    Too many options can make it harder for new users to find the right setting, and harder for other users to support them. It is not that hard to add another check-box, but then the text needs translating into many languages, the help file needs to explain it, etc. It is more work than it seems to be at first sight, so is best avoided if possible, which I think it is in this case.

  • @pesala thank you. I'm new to this forum, so I just made the topic in the same category where previous two were.

    OK. If we rule out the first option, I still hope something can be done about the second one. I'd love to have a quicker option than reaching to tab context menu.
    Make two commands distinguishable from each other. Keep existing hotkeys as is but let me assign a hotkey for "new tab in the same stack" if I need it.

    I'm not using Tab Bar ever since Window Panel was introduced. I find it very limiting to be used with tab stacks, and it can't be helped without more drastic changes or complete rework even.

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