Search Field on Add Bookmark Dialog

  • Please add a search box (I and many people have a lot of bookmarks but like to put them in specific folders, however digging through the folder tree take a lot of time.. search box would be great. I know you can skip by pressing the first letter but that is not the same)

  • @dalinar You can also search items by more than one letter.
    The limit is that folder name must begin with text that is being typed.

    Oh... Also it finds first matching result. To find/select next one You have to wait a moment (or reopen dropdown list for example) and then re-type beginning of name.

  • @rotfl still it is not very good, a normal user might have several folders with the same name. How do you get to the 2nd instance of a folder with a same name?

    If you just saw a list of search results it would be great.

  • @dalinar I know that it's workaround but better than nothing.
    How to get to second folder with same name? Wait for a while and type beginning of name again.

    I understand your needs because I got multiple folders with same name. I just wrote what I do in same case 😉

  • yes, thank you - it is just this is the features request section so that's why I posted


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