Vivaldi Theme Colors are Too Strong

  • Vivaldi theme colors are too strong, there is the strong bright red and strong bright blue. It's almost impossible to like it and it's also very distracting and unpractical. I really like the Vivaldi browser having used it for a few days now (much better than Opera), however the themes for me were a bad first impression and I suggest themes with softer colors. I'm sure others are getting the same impression.

    I couldn't find anything nice with the base themes so I am using grey and light grey for my tab bar and main top bar.

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    @goamn Theme colors are 100% adjustable as to brightness, saturation, hue, shade, contrast and balance. Why not adjust them to a level that suits you?


  • @ayespy I tried, and failed miserably :). I guess I could be clearer on my wording, I just think overall there are no "soft" colors available with an OOTB Vivaldi. I will probably browse the other themes when I get time but it's nice to have that option at the beginning.

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    @goamn It may take some fiddling to get the hang of it.

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    @goamn Subtle, Beach and Dark are all usable themes in my opinion, but it would create a better impression to use one of those as the default rather than the "Vivaldi" theme.

  • @goamn Colors are perceived differently depending how good you see and also depending on your monitor settings. What could be seen as "strong" for you can be ok for others, while "soft" for others could mean "dull". Whatever default schemes Vivaldi will add, will make some happy and some unhappy. They are to be considered only examples. Make your own theme, as I did mine.
    ALL the 16million colors are available. There should be some "soft" ones you like.

  • @goamn Try looking for good theme in Themes Share or Post your color scheme at Vivaldi 🔴⚪🔵.
    Edit: Plus I found some themes here.

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