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    Done! I'm a fairly boring tab user, apparently, lol. Old school, old habits. Mouse clicks and cycling are my main actions. Less than 10 open at a time, no stacking, pinning, hibernating. But then my needs have changed. Back when I had my Web design company I suppose all those functions would've been used to the max.

  • @seron Yeah, this the main reason I only answered "sometimes" to the question about how often I use tab stacking.

    Stacking is incredibly powerful (thanks Vivaldi for that!), but I would use it a lot more if it was less "cumbersome":

    • Slow and difficult to create tabs:
      • "Slippy" and non-logical hovering management when creating a tab. I think it comes from the fact that the stack creation is triggered by the relative position between the 2 tabs (the one we are moving, and the destination tab). It would be more logical for the user if the trigger was the position of the mouse cursor, instead. It works this way for any element we move with a mouse in any OS!
      • No keyboard shortcut 😞
    • Slow to see what tabs are in a stack and what to do with them (move the mouse, hover to display thumbnails, mouve the mouse, select, ...)

    Opera 12 "expand" solution was clever: when you work on a stack, you have the details and a quick access to the other tabs in the same stack, for which you are more likely to switch to. You usually don't need to see the details of other stacks / activities. And if you do, you are just one click away (ie expand an other stack).

  • I miss the option to expand/retract tab groups from classic Opera (Opera 12).
    I would use tab stacking much more if that option would exist in Vivaldi.

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    @cozyplanes if you right click a tab stack, there should be a way to bookmark all the tabs, if I remember correctly.

    However when you open it later, it will just open the tabs individually.

    There's no way to view the tabs in a saved session yet.

  • for obvious reasons I'm not using V as my main browser but I wonder if my input would help you to make it usable at last? should I fill the survey or not?

  • @zakius Why not? If you use it at all, then it's useful to the devs to know how you use it to focus their attention on the most used features.

  • Obviously did it ((in a new tab)).

  • @lonm, @Fendar: What do you mean it is broken? Have it ever worked as you would expect before? In which version?
    It works for me. Do you mean it switches in a different order than you would expect? Is the order like you expect once you enable Tab Cycler? Please explain in details, providing example, otherwise it is not possible to help you solve the problem.

  • @RagnarEkre: Heh, this is the tricky thing with closed-answer options which consist of two separate statements - you may agree with the first part, but not the second. I am not sure what is the intent behind this question. Maybe the second sentence is only a decoration, as what really matters is only Yes/Sometimes/No and the reason is unimportant. But I think adding option like "No / mostly not. No need - my PC handles well without hibernation the number of tabs I open." may add some more insight.
    I would hope @OlgaA could clarify.

  • @zakius: Why do you think your reasons to not use V as a main browser are obvious to everyone, especially those who do use it as a main browser? 😉

  • @OlgaA: Could we split options for switching tabs, to make them also more clear?

    a) "By mouse click" I would split to:

    • click to activate
    • click to minimize

    b) I use Tab Cycling is unclear - can we split to:

    • RMB + scroll
    • scroll over tab bar

    c) "Window panel" is missing - can we add it?

    d) there are very different keyboard shortcuts - basic and more advanced - could we split to:

    • Ctrl+Tab
    • next/previous multi-key shortcuts
    • next/previous single key shortcuts (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4)

    e) What does it mean switching tabs by mouse gestures? Does open tab/link and close tab count into it or it means adding custom gestures like switch to next/previous tab?

  • @zakius: ><(((°>

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    @wojcieche I ruminated on that for a moment, as I haven't the first clue what the "obvious reasons" are that Vivaldi can't be his default browser. Then I decided not to pursue the question, and moved on.

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    @zakius said in Take our quick survey on Tabs in Vivaldi:


    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Done, Thank you.

  • @wojcieche don't go there. He has a pet option - something trivial (I can't even remember what it was now) - which he insists is "essential in any browser" (something I wouldn't even consider) and polluted the comments sections of a number of snapshot releases about it until he was banned.

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    @wojcieche Its been broken for long enough that I can't actually remember when it last worked. I cycle in tab order with the visual preview disabled.

    Currently it's in the best state it's been recently where it almost works. When I perform the feature, it doesn't work on some sites. Sometimes it slips many tabs at once instead of one at a time. Sometimes many seconds after finishing the gesture it continues to cycle through tabs. Sometimes it works fine, but with noticeable lag while performing the gesture.

    And this may point isn't really a fault, just a design issue: when you have hibernated tabs, tab cycling reloads them when you go past them, rendering the hibernation pointless.

  • @lonm That's the reason why I enabled the visual preview. When you just want to switch between the last and current tab with keyboard shortcut, the preview doesn't get in the way, but if you target another tab, no other tab takes focus on the way.

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    I use the tabs differently according to the moment.
    To move through them I use, with the mouse click, if there are few open ones or with the mouse wheel if there are more than 10.
    Stacking I use only when I want to have several pages open in tiling.
    Hibernate tabs I use little, I do not have many open as a rule (<20), only if I notice that the system slows down too much.

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    @luetage Yeah, but if I do that, I find myself getting the tab cycler window stuck open sometimes, which means I end up having to click the tab I want anyway, just it's not in the tab cycler instead of the tab bar


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