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  • Not sure what you really gain from that short survey.. it doesn't even include what people prefer in tab management like.. which is what I find the most essential to non retarded browsing experience.. not sure how those people who make chrome get away with such poor options in providing tab management options, the fact users have to go find an extension that has to use a hacky way of reordering tabs to something less retarded is frankly amazing. I prefer tabs to be open to the right of the active tab, and when a tab is closed it should activate the left side.. ie "New Tab Position = After Active Tab" and
    "Close Tab Activation = Activate Left in Tab Order" ... essential frankly. Anyway based on this survey not sure what you will get from it, though what I hope you get from it is, tab grouping implementation kinda sucks, and not many users use that or pin tabs, and both of them suffer from not enough options/customization. I think I do remember Opera having an implementation of tab grouping that was a bit better it was definietly the firs to do, while people at mozilla working on about of useless stuff. Anyway what you can really do to improve tabs is make it possible to split the tab bar in two, and have two seperate browsing windows complete with there own tab bar, where you can drag a tab from one window view to the other side.... if you open links in one frame then it creates a tab on that side of the tab bar vice versa.. also when there is no split window/tabbar, if the user drags the tab on the screen to the right or left edge then it creates the split.. ie best implementation of dualview tab browsing Maxthon2 ...all other implementations in other browsers have frankly sucked badly.. and Maxthon did that over 10 years ago.. pretty sad nothing better has come along since. https://koolio.vivaldi.net/2017/12/02/vivaldi-tab-split-vs-maxthon2-10years-ago/

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  • @joelyoung core features are missing and some really annoying bugs persist, I believe that's enough

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    Done. I starting to think when it comes to tabs I'm pretty boring. Very rarely more than ten. Tab stack now and then. Close and switch using my mouse. Never noticed till now but if I didn't need to type I would have no use for the keyboard. Well...except for a few keyboard shortcuts. I do as much as I can by mouse.

  • Hard to be more boring in regard to tabs than me. It is rare to have more than 2 open.

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    Found this old thread. Both are related. Both are about tabs.

  • I mapped ctrl + right /left (up/down for vertical tabs) to switch tabs, while mapping shift + left/right for back /forth. I think those combinations are easily reached with just your right hand rather by feel without much visual searching for the keys..

    Instead of tab stacking I use different windows for different topics. (One needs to exit by file-> exit to shut all windows synchronically if to have all windows restored at startup.)

  • @fendar: You need to enable:
    Settings -> Tabs -> TAB FEATURES -> Tab Cycling -> Switch tabs by scrolling
    I also recommend you turning on Show Tab Cycler option in the same section, with the sub-option to display it as a list.

  • trying to get back into vivaldi/opera because of stacked tabs. But tab management is still a mess.

    • Popup thumbnails are essentially unusable. The images only get into the way and usually don't help to find the page u want. Only text would be much better (why not give an option to disable images in the popups). The popups are also buggy and open/close in unexpected ways or stay open when they shouldn't.
    • Tab cycler is also useless for me because it doesn't show any info about tab stacks and it seems to cycle in the order of the history and not the order in the tab stack.
    • Tab cycling by mouse wheel is my preferred way to get around but it's only an 'ok' solution and not great. It would be nice if there would be an option that it only operates in the current stack and wraps around there.

    The Opera 12 way of expanding tab stacks is still way superior to anything in Vivaldi. The great thing was that you could switch complete stacks easily and then navigate within very quickly just in the same way (looking at the tab captions) you do without stacks. Very natural and straightforward. The Vivaldi popups are the opposite, awkward and fiddly.

    Lol, tab cycling by mouse wheel seems to be buggy too. Sometimes it skips pages for no apparent reason.

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    @Songbird Best to look at the available options for Tab Thumbnails, Tab Cycling and Tab Stacks before complaining too much.

    See Settings, Tabs.

    Then vote for feature requests like Tab Stack Cycling

  • @Pesala
    I tried all the options I could find and also the tips here from the thread. But stacking simply isn't working very well for me.

    E.g. I can't get tab cycling in order working properly. It often (1 out of 5 tabs) jumps around in unexpected ways. Independent whether I use 'mouse wheel over tabs', 'RMB wheel' or custom KB shortcuts. Am I understanding 'order' wrong or is it buggy? Order for me is simply the sequence in which the tabs appear visually in the tab bar.

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    @Songbird Did you select "Cycle in Tab Bar Order?"

  • @Pesala

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    Did anyone ever publish the results of this survey, or was it for internal use only?

  • Vivaldi Team

    @pesala: Yes, they were eventually published here: https://vivaldi.com/blog/tab-management-for-wizards/
    And sorry this reply took a while! 😜

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