Google Search always returns back to the top of the page

  • All Chrome based browsers I've tried so far (Chrome, Chromium, Opera (new)) having this problem, unfortunately Vivaldi is getting in the line. Steps to reproduce the probem: 1. On (domain does not matter) enter anything in the search box. e.g.: "Vivaldi browser" 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click any of the last links. 3. On the new page press the keyboard/mouse BACK button to return to google's search hits. 4. Expected behaviour is to get back to the bottom of the page where you've left off but Vivaldi (as other Chrome based browsers) will get back to the top of the page in 99% of the cases. Clearing the browser's cache or changing something in Google's Search settings makes it work for the first time as expected but than it's the same annoying behaviour. As I've noticed it only effects Google search, e.g. Yahoo and Bing is fine but theese are lightyears behind Google's search engine in usability.

  • I've found a semi-solution. By disabling instant results in Google's search it's OK. But during typing instant results are lost…


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