Single Close Tab button on the right of the tab bar

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    TabMixPlus for Mozilla had a nice tab feature that I miss greatly, you could have a single close tab button on the right hand side, clicking it would close the current tab.

    This had a couple of benefits:

    • I often work on a large number of tabs, once I complete work in them I will check the page content one by one closing as I go. With a single close tab button in a fixed location I could click it as I checked (I can achieve a similar result using the close tab keystroke, but it means taking my hands away from the mouse when I don't want to)

    • I like to have a close tab button in the tab bar, currently that means it is located on the tab itself. With my suggestion the close button is moved away from the tab. I often accidentally click the close tab button when I simply want to activate a tab, especially when I have a lot of tabs open and each tab is not wide.

    • You always knew exactly where the close tab button is located. When working quickly it saves having to scan and find the active tab when wanting to close it by mouse.

  • @sventhebarbarian Opera 12.18 has this too.

  • I would like this too.


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