Save Password Notification Pop-up

  • This dialog popup that shows up after you have filled in a user/password form, and then log into the site.. well it shows up briefly but if you accidendtly click any where on the page it disappears... with no effing way of getting it to return again so you can save the user/email/pass info for that website...

    its really infuriating piss poor design by google and it would be great if vivaldi could improve it.. maybe stick a clickable button on the right hand side of the address bar to open up the save pass dialog for that site where it can be filled in (or auto filled with the sessions successful user/pass login for that site)... something anything... better than the current garbage chrome design of this functionality.

  • Moderator

    There should be a little key 🗝 icon in the address bar next to the bookmark button. It will show up if you have recently dismissed a password prompt. Clicking that will let you save the password.

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