Vivaldi - a one time use browser

  • I've got Vivaldi installed on the other computer. I don't use it often and skip several snapshots. But recently when I tried to run it it didn't start. I updated it but it didn't help. I reinstalled it - and it ran fine. When I tried to run it again it didn't. I've tried opening as admin - it opened but with default settings, not my last session. And subsequent tries (as admin) ended in failure. I guess Vivaldi is a one time use browser.

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    Vivaldi is a Technical Preview and has testing (SNapshot) versions.
    That means teher are bugs until the first beta will appear. 😉

    Non-starting Vivaldi comes from some crashes.
    But this can be fixed by deleting tabs and/or session files in Vivaldi user profile folder.
    1. Start Explorer
    2. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default in address bar
    3. In files list there are many fiels and these: Current Session and Last Session, Last Tabs and Current Tabs.
    4. Delete them
    5. restart Vivaldi.

  • I've already deleted these files - it didn't help.
    And after clean install it opened once and second time it didn't.
    There are two Vivaldi processes - killing them doesn't help, restarting doesn't help either. It just doesn't start.

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    There are more processes than two. You need to kill the correct one if this crash occurs (It's usually the last one). All others will shut down automatically then. Only after all of them are gone you can restart Vivaldi… Happens in TPs... 😉

  • There are more if Vivaldi opens. But I got only two, I waited and Vivaldi didn't open. I killed the correct one and the other died with it (the second one was unkillable). I can't restart Vivaldi even after restarting the system.

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    This problem has been reported one time before, over multiple snapshots, and I think the user finally solved it by either installing Vivaldi as standalone (which has its own problems) or as regular, I can't remember which.

    But this "I click on the Vivaldi shortcut and get processes but no UI" is not TOTALLY unknown, but I actually thought it had been solved. If you are able to work with the devs on this, perhaps we will see a permanent and universal solution.

  • The Vivaldi on the other computer that was working flawlessly (well, more or less…) just dissapeared from my screen leaving only processes. It's first time it happened to me. But I had no problem restarting. So there's still some problem. It was latest snapshot.
    I'm still not able to start the other one.

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    There's a known bug with the UI crashing when video is playing (mostly YouTube it seems), but it's not as bad or consistent as it used to be. When it happens, it leaves all other VIvaldi processes running as zombie processes. I've never had it happen, even when it was more of an issue - but some people (YouTube addicts I guess) used to report it as a continual thing, and we still see the occasional report.

  • I was browsing a gallery at the time (no videos). Youtube videos mostly play for me - but have problems with videos on other sites. But I watch videos very rarely. Also after opening a few pictures in the background Vivaldi slows down noticeably.
    I experienced also different crash where Vivaldi UI appeared inside a window - I had two close buttons but Vivaldi was frozen.
    Also can't access settings but it was mentioned a few times - last two snapshots are a small regression.

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    And was the gallery show made with flash? Because the zombie bug looks extremely tied with it.

  • No. It was not gallery show - just thumbnails.

  • But the main problem is that I can't start the other Vivaldi at all.

  • @Ayespy:

    mostly YouTube it seems

    I've tried to watch some more YouTube videos. And it was a painfull experience.
    First two videos were OK. But then Vivaldi dissapeared a few times. And some videos started lagging in the middle of play.
    It was so bad I had to finish the session in the old Opera.

  • Yes. Vivaldi doesn't work on server windows. Checked many rdps.

  • @HiMyNameIs:

    Yes. Vivaldi doesn't work on server windows. Checked many rdps.

    Disable the concurrent session feature, then Vivaldi will work via RDP

  • What about regular Windows?

  • I'm not able to test Vivaldi and report bugs if I'm not able to start it.

  • @hondac:

    I'm not able to test Vivaldi and report bugs if I'm not able to start it.

    I'm sure you have a ton of crap collected by chromium and aimed to it that have side effects on vivaldi.

    Clean your PC and start over.

  • Vivaldi was working fine and then after one of the updates stopped.
    I've got nothing Chromium releated on my PC except Vivaldi.
    Do you suggest that Vivaldi is crap? The only crap here is you.

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    The last person who reported this problem was a victim of his own security software.


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