Thumb reachability and gestures for one-hand use (see Yandex)

  • I find incredible that with all the well paid UX designers Google and other companies have, only one browser (Yandex) has thought about a basic rule for mobile usability thumb reachability

    Here an article that speaks about this issue on browsers (from 2015 but sadly still valid for this conversation):

    On Yandex is very easy, even on big phones, to use the browser with just one hand without overstretching the hand to reach the search bar or the reader mode button or the settings menu or the back button or anything else.

    Yandex has the equivalent of Vivaldi's Speed Dial above the search field and a news feed below. With a simple swipe up/down the user can reach either one or the other. EFFORTLESS!

    And the search field is right in the middle, a position that everyone can reach with their thumb.

    Here an example:

  • it's not only Yandex, Opera touch has the same principle. Point is no operation should be on top of the screen. The worst offender in the mobile market is Firefox in this regard, they just put everything on top. Incidentally that's also my go to browser on mobile weeping

  • @luetage And Firefox for some reason have never implemented the Android basic gesture of scrolling down to reload the page. Forcing the user to reach the top right corner, right? (and I'm even left handed, well done Firefox, well done... 😒)

    I personally don't like Opera touch, I find their system too clunky. For my needs I want the search bar close to me instead of tap > hold > swipe on the search icon, but it's just my personal experience.

  • @pandorino The problem with opera touch is the lack of bookmarks. I like both the design and operation, but it's dumbed down software, similar to what opera tried to do with their desktop version in the beginning. Can't use it.

  • @luetage Yeah, feels an incomplete browser.

  • +1, the interface of Yandex is the only reason I use this browser and I cannot understand why most other browsers think, the very top of the screen is a good place for the main interaction element.

  • @pyfips that's exactly my feeling! And being in UI/UX design myself, I don't understand why big companies like Google and Mozilla don't try to run some usability test to compare Yandex to their browsers.

  • @pandorino I think that every good company turn into the corporation of evil after some point (income value). Big companies say they care about their customers but in reality they care only about making money. You can report bugs, send future requests, try to help them to improve their products. And they will ignore or mark your reports as WONTFIX. Personally I expect nothing good from big companies like Google.

  • @phant0m

    the corporation of evil



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