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  • Hello there. It's even more critical for such an ambitious and potentially one of the best Android apps (and solid candidate for the best browser app for Android) to feature a native adblocking system.

    • Privacy: Obviously, trackers are also comparable to some plagues on mobile devices

    • Performance: Ads, trackers, undesired tracking cookies... Such elements can drastically slow down browsing experience, especially on devices that got much less power than some computers

    • Security: Protecting users against obnoxious stuff that "blocks" the screen/softlocks browser, more traditional malware links and so on

    If implementation of extensions system is somehow rendered impossible by Chromium on Android limitations, a native solution should be considered. Using uBlock Origin as core base, with adjustements and improvements to make sure Vivaldi Android users can benefit from such good efficiency.

    To sum it up, considering an Android web browser app without any adblocking & anti-tracking solution embedded is somehow a clumsy move that would be considered by some people as a major con. Besides, a native, powerful and flexible native adblocking solution could also benefit users with Vivaldi on computers!

    Thanks for your attention, sorry if I failed to catch such feature request already in case it would be done before, and keep up the great work!

  • This post should have more upvotes! Brave browser with native adblocking is doing good (both on android/desktop). The jury is still out for their initiatives to push in their own ads. I am not getting in that debate here.
    My only concern is Vivaldi mobile browser that should block ads, trackers out of the box when it is released. We still have no idea about the timelines though.
    As the OP mentions- ublock filters.
    Great suggestion!

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    It's one of the features I am needing in this moment for mobile/desktop. Sometimes I browser on good sites but at the same time annoying ones because of the amount of unnecessary popups/ads that appear.

  • I think it's a great idea. I would like to have my own filters and filter lists. The Ad Picker of uBlock origin would be perfect.


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