Better Widevine (EME) support for Linux – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1360.4

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot includes a couple of nice media improvements for Linux users, resolves a bunch of issues, and upgrades Chromium to 71.

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  • First, but still no M3

  • Actually first! Good job Team!

  • DRM and proprietary codecs can go decode some expletives.

    The "new note" notification setting works, but I wonder if it would be best as an "exclusive" selection. I.e. if you turn on "open panel automatically", then "notify on creating" should be a disabled item, as currently if both are selected the notification just doesn't happen.

  • [Regression] Progress bar is not visible (VB-44482)

    Now it is visible, but the animation finishes long before the page has completed loading.

    Win10x64 Vx64

  • Changes to flags in Chromium 71 (ignoring what I suspect are chrome-only). Play with at vivaldi://flags at your own risk.


    #omnibox-pedal-suggestions (this one is chrome only, but sounds quite interesting from a UX standpoint)
    #enable-av1-decoder (I think this was added previously, but my diff is telling me its new)



  • @helsten2: Same thing with progress bar for Downloads; has been like that for several versions.

  • [Regression] Moving a tab stack to an existing second window triggers crash (VB-43831)

    Confirmed not crashing, moved tab stacks (tiled and untiled) to/from new windows and to existing windows, and all seems stable.

  • @helsten2 better than nothing =) btw also previously I always saw the bar reach end and the numbers of loaded objects still increasing.

  • Moderator

    we now cache a copy of the library we use for displaying proprietary media. This saves you in the situations where your distribution updates the library to an incompatible version.

    Great idea, this will save the trouble of remembering to not update that lib.

  • [Regression] Cannot view image properties (VB-45579)

    Confirmed working now

  • @ian-coog: yes, I did the same observation. But I flagged it since this now is "fresh" from development ...

  • @helsten2 Now it works, but it's not always visible though. With my theme, where both the background and accent colours are black, I can't see it.

  • Some amazing work.
    Still has problems starting maximized.
    Please allow Bookmarks above Commands in QC.
    Consider removing that white space around favicons, it's ugly on dark themes.

  • Not important for me, but the auto-update did not work.

  • @burbuja: Hasn't worked for me in months. I have to download the full version and install it in a new folder - every time.

  • @helsten2 If I remember correctly, it worked for me in the past snapshots.

  • @buak That's true, but it's debatable if it should be visible in this case. If you had foreground and background color black, you wouldn't be able to read most text in the UI. Accent should have contrast to background too.

  • Wow! That's a big one! Nice work! I see a lot of bugs have been resolved.

  • @axk said in Better Widevine (EME) support for Linux – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1360.4:

    Consider removing that white space around favicons, it's ugly on dark themes.


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