Mouse gesture broken? :|

  • Heya, I have a little issue at hand that I'm not sure if it's a general bug or if it's just happening to me. My Forward Gesture seems to be broken. So we have the Back (right-click drag left) gesture, this is working fine. But when dragging to the right it should go forward, right? But in my case it closes the tab and when reopening the tab (ctrl+shift+T), the forward button on the toolbar is also deactivated. Is this just happening to me? Or is this a general (and maybe known) bug? /edit This is on TP3 by the way, I didn't try the snapshot releases yet. /edit2 Just tested on and issue is the same, except that the forward button isn't inactive when reopening the tab.

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    Maybe it's only you who has a dodgy mouse.

    GestureDown should close the current tab, which it does for me. Gesture Up should duplicate the current tab.

    Ctrl Shift T reopens the closed tab, and the back/forward buttons still work for me, as they do in a duplicated tab too.

  • Hm, GestureDown opens a new tab for me…
    But GestureDownRight closes the current tab.
    GestureUp reopens the last closed tab.

    However I can't use GestureRight to go forward.

    Looks like my gestures are messed up all together... Is there anywhere I can see all configured gestures or reset the gesture settings?

  • Duh.. why is my Post tripled o_O

    Just saw that :o

    Refresh is GestureUpDown on my end…

  • I don't generally use GestureRight but I just tried it and got go forward, I usually left click, right click.

  • So in the latest snapshot we have a new settings area for Mouse Gesture configuration (which isn't functional yet, I know that).
    Thinking back on this issue I looked into it and was suprised that there is no gesture defined that actually uses a Gesture to the Right…

    This is very strange...

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