Okay Vivaldi

  • Lot of things I like about this browser. Same as a lot of things I liked about the old Opera browser which had an email client built in. Yeah, bit of a learning curve, but in my opinion it was way better and easier to use than gmail for example.
    I used Opera all the time back in the day, and I used it becuz it was more efficient and easier to use once you learned it than any other browser out there. There are only two things I wish could be incorporated in this new browser:

    • Find a way to make all the add-ons accessible via a drop down list.
      and include an email client.
      Other than that congratulations on another great browser.

  • @theotter
    You don't even have to make a drop down list.
    You could put an arrow in there and slide them across the page like Foxit reader does.
    And for the email client, it could be directly synced with your online email site so it could be accessed from anywhere.

  • @theotter
    Enough advice to experts, the other reason I loved Opera (besides Notes , which is extremely handy) was the community which lived there and had good advice and loved it as much as I did. Thanks.

  • @theotter

    email client

    Planned and in development. Will come

    make all the add-ons accessible via a drop down list.

    You can access to your addons with ctrl+shift+E or going to vivaldi://extensions

    the community which lived there

    Community is pretty much the same, so welcome 🙂

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    @theotter Since you're new here, I moved your thread to the appropriate forum.

    Welcome to the Community. Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

    I only have one extension installed, but it is accessible from a drop list. Disable the Extensions Toggle in Settings, Address Bar to get the list.

    0_1541224552924_Extensions Drop List.png

  • This post is deleted!

  • @pesala
    Well I had a try at it but couldn't succeed. Got to Extensions, but couldn't reach : Disable the Extensions Toggle in Settings, Address Bar. Just saying, when I design the simple JavaScript programs I design, I design them to be intuitive, and in this case I would design them to be default.

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    @theotter The extensions toggle is disabled by default. If you're not seeing it maybe you disabled it? Look in Settings (Shortcut Alt+P), Address Bar.

    0_1541228016417_Extensions Settings.png

  • @theotter
    so here is what I get:
    Disable the Extensions Toggle in Settings, Address Bar.

    What I don't get is a simple easy intuitive way to do that, which should be the default.
    You know, there was a very good db based program for storing information (which i still use) called treedbNotes, and they have fallen by the wayside for the same reason you people are going to fall by the wayside: You don't make it simple.
    Yes, you are pretty much genius in your field, but if you make your browser difficult to understand then nobody will use it.
    That is what I am talking about when I say that the simple programs I design are easy to use. I am no genius and they will never go online anyway, but I designed them to be easy for me to use. You might think about that

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    @theotter I am sorry, but I have to disagree. Vivaldi is not going to fall by the wayside. The programs that you design may be very simple so they don't need much explanation, if any.

    There are hundreds of options in Vivaldi, and the list is growing longer with each release.

    • The Extensions toggle is disabled by the default so there is nothing to do unless you enabled it while experimenting
    • If a new user does not know where to find some setting, the first stop should be the Help File
    • If not able to solve the problem oneself, just ask on the forum. Someone will usually reply within an hour, if not sooner.

  • @pesala
    Could be all that stuff you are saying, but nevertheless in Vivaldi I can't have access to my add-ons in a simple and intuitive way.

  • @theotter said:

    What I don't get is a simple easy intuitive way to do that, which should be the default. (…) You don't make it simple.

    Please compare Vivaldi settings (which are easy because you can go directly to the category you want to change) to Chrome or Firefox settings.

    And welcome to Vivaldi!!!

  • yeah, I guess.
    but what people want intuitive.

  • Guess we're coming down to it.
    If you want to hire me to market Vivaldi then you have to pay me something. Not a fortune, but a percentage of market gain.
    If you are interested you can email me at ron2shoes@dot gmailcom
    take out the 'dot' cuz i don't want tons of email.
    There are already ideas about how to make your browser way more popular than it is, but they are not free.

  • @theotter The current implementation of hiding extensions is hopefully not gonna stay the way it is forever. Users who both want to hide selected extensions and toggle the rest of them have no way of doing so. This is a problem and yes, it's unintuitive.

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    Welcome to the community
    It is true that scrolling through the configuration of Vivaldi can cause blisters in the fingers by its amplitude, but I think it would be difficult to design it easier to understand.
    This if, even after several years using Vivaldi, I still learn new tricks I did not know, this makes Vivaldi unique, the infinite possibilities of adapting it to any need and the possibilities are increasing with each update. You can't compare it with other browsers

  • @theotter About the extensions, you might be interested by Extension Control that has been developed by the humble @luetage. It's not in Vivaldi by default but it is, as per my opinion, really handy to use and it might fulfill what you're looking for in the meantime.
    And welcome to Vivaldi! party

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