Context menu with mouse gestures.

  • I really like using the right-click scroll to change tabs, used it back in the good opera days but in vivaldi after changing tabs and releasing the right mouse button it always open the context menu. Is there a way to stop this when using other functions than a simple right click?

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    @dreamsofanarchy I don't see the problem here, but I have seen previous reports.

    A workaround is to use keyboard shortcuts for tab switching.

    • Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab
    • 1,2 with single-key shortcuts enabled.

  • Since 2.0 came out (and some of the snapshots leading up to it, but I'm not sure exactly when), I've noticed this happen occasionally. But if definitely doesn't happen all the time.

    One thing I've noticed is that sometimes mouse gestures fire when holding down the RMB while changing tabs with the mouse wheel. I think this started happening around the same time.

  • @DreamsOfAnarchy I too loved this feature in the old Opera and missed it immensely in the new Opera. Now after Vivaldi 2.2 was released I'm migrating to it and this feature was one of the first things I searched in Vivaldi.

    One can enable it in vivaldi://settings/tabs/ ticking "Switch Tabs by Scrolling" (hmm, weird, if I navigate this link, Vivaldi opens underlying Chrome settings, but if I copy-paste it, it opens its own settings). While the tooltip says about scrolling over Tab Bar, it actually also enables cycling through tabs by scrolling over page when right button is being hold down. If you want the list of tabs being shown, make sure "Show Tab Cycler" is also active, otherwise tabs are changed immediately on every scroll.


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