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  • Haha, Opera 12 is secure!

    Thanks, mib

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    Haha, Opera 12 is secure!

    Hah, right you are. It explicitly warns the user.

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    Opera 12 does not block, it lets the user decide whats insecure.

    Rejecting a insecure copnnection is safe.
    A security warning users can ovveride, is nonsense.
    Users with less knowledge and patience alwys click on popups to let the annyoing wanings go.

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    Perhaps, although by extending the same logic you could say that all of the full-viewport warnings various browsers employ are failures too, if they include any "I understand the risks. Proceed anyway." link at all.

    However, I admit Opera 12's "This site is using an outdated encryption method which is no longer classified as secure. It cannot sufficiently protect sensitive data. Do you wish to continue?" warning box could perhaps be scarier looking (and hide the approve button behind a hurdle like an "I understand the risks" expander widget like Firefox did in the screenshot I linked above). I'd argue it's a matter of degree.

    I'll grant you many less savvy users become very complacent about clicking through any warning that doesn't require several hoops to jump though.

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