Can not download Vivaldi or updates on a slow connection

  • I've tried many times to download the Vivaldi browser on a dial-up connection using my Opera 11.64 browser but every time it fails. I had to download it onto a flash drive using my net-book at a local wifi hot spot. I have never had a problem downloading anything before especially on Opera, that's one of the many reasons I love the Opera browser. It is the fastest browser for slow connections. I was really hoping Vivaldi would be too. When I try to update Vivaldi I get the message " Update Error! an error occurred in retrieving update information; are you connected to the internet? Please try again later." I tried to update Vivaldi on my net-book too at the same wifi spot which has a speed of 54 Mbs and I got the same error. I don't understand why I have no problem downloading bigger files and other browsers but when it comes to Vivaldi I can't download a thing. 😞 Unfortunately for me fast internet is not available at my home and I don't want to keep uninstalling and then reinstalling new versions of Vivaldi every time there is an update. Does Vivaldi do this on purpose because they only want users with super fast machines and internet connections? I did not see any system requirements on the Vivaldi page, are there any? :huh:

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    Downloading Vivaldi can lead to network errors on slow DSL/Dialup connections.
    I saw in foums and blog some users haevin bad experience with this nasty problem.

    The problem seems to be the Vivaldi download server, who disconnects sometimes and breaks the download, and then you have to repeat the whole download. 😞
    Thats costs time, nerves and money.

    The Vivaldi server admins knoe about the problem, but no fix yet.
    I'm sorry for you.

  • Maybe a temporary solution could be to ask the administrators to create a torrent download. In that case, the download can pause, crash, lose connection, etc. as many times as it wants, but eventually, you will get your browser.

  • Vivaldi Team

    we are sorry you are having problems downloading the developer snapshots.
    We have a fix we have tested internally but we will have to test against CloudFlare service as well.

    We will have to update the server for this change so I'm hoping this will be done early next week and then I will post in this forum again to let you know.

    Thank you for your interest in Vivaldi and sorry again for the trouble.

  • Thank You so much!
    I really look forward to the fix so that I and all other users on a slow connection can use the Vivaldi browser 🙂

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    Sadly, broken network connections exists for snap downloads.

  • The whole day already I get:

  • Me too. Because of my old PC? (connection is OK). But ,t's a first time I experienced this problem.

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    Yes, something is broken for updater.
    And downlading snapshots often shows a network error if i hav slow internet.

    I reported the problem to the server admins yesterday.

  • Still no luck on dial-up on my desktop, but something did change. I can now get as far as 1.3 mb of the update but then it stops. I have tried at least 50 times now even tried several times with my anti-virus turned off and still can't get past 1.3 mb. It will get to the 1.3 mb point then stop and fill up the down-loader and say it is ready to install but when I hit the install button another notice comes up saying " failed to launch installer".
    I was however finally able to get the update on my netbook at the local wifi site I go to. But for some strange reason it installed the update in my private user profile instead of the public one where the original install was located and now I have 2 Vivaldi icons on the netbooks desktop. Both will open the updated version located in C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\ vivaldi.exe but the icons are located in different user profiles.
    I really hope this gets fixed soon.

  • 🙂 It looks like they fixed it. I finally got my unbootable desktop computer fixed and went to see If I could download Vivaldi but this time I put Opera in turbo mode and to my delight Vivaldi completely downloaded. Now I don't know if updates are working, I will have to switch out computers again to find out. Vivaldi does work on dial up but it is much slower than Opera presto. Thank you Vivaldi team for making such a nice browser! I can't wait for your mail client and a few other things like open in a background tab or page and being able to customize the panel bar and tool bars with some other buttons ( sometimes I need to go back a few pages and the one at a time button takes a while)

  • @love2learn:

    🙂 It looks like they fixed it.

    I am happy to hear about that.
    The issue started to appear in the last week of February and has been affecting the users with slow speed.
    I even started the same topic 5 months back
    If this issue troubles you again I would recommend you to contact Hlini He may provide you some temporary links with which you can download the browser.

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    Some users from Germany had in past some problems on slow connections. Updates were broken.

    But currently it works fine.
    Updates run without problems.


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