Side Web Panels can't download or stream!

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    @steffie said in Vivaldi, Web-Panels, Audio.:

    Web-Panels & Streaming Audio: .......... they greatly extend V's utility, versatility, & "feel-good factor" for me. One of the sites now living in my panel is . ....................... i also try to stream the audio from it... ...........but that aspect never works. .......... the problem might be specifically just the web-panel. If i view that site in a normal tab, it streams the audio like a champion. ......................

    Hmm, exactly same happens with me when I try to download some document from WhatsApp Web or listen to any song from Gaana in the Web Panel.
    This is making me to give up on Web panels as of now for majority of which I used it. Am waiting for the issue, known for atleast 3 Years now, to be fixed (Currently, Q4 2018, I am running 2.1.1337.36 (Stable channel) (64-bit) version of Vivaldi for windows).

    Disclaimer: I am not demanding anything, just figuring it out, so that this can be brought under developer's notice.

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    Superfluous Info below

    History with WA, in case you are bored or are searching to kill your time 😉
    It is really annoying that WA just shows the popup inside the panel that the media is downloaded but nothing has actually happened (bottom left corner in the WA Web panel, sorry I forget to point out to them in the image).


    Earlier, I thought that WhatsApp doesn't allows media to be downloaded on the PC via WhatsApp Web on browser, hence I tried downloading WA.exe setup and the downloads were working there.

    Then I thought that "ohh, so they will allow me to download to pc via their Application but not via a browser.... #FaceBook". So I thought on keeping that application, but then when I compared the resource usage in the Task Manager, there was a huge difference (and later on after checking again the memory usage order is WA.exe > WA tab > WA web panel , I think that this may give some clue to any developer reading this ;-0 )

    Then I thought to open the WA as normal page instead of a panel. And voilla, it worked........
    But, I can't afford to switch between panels and tabs while working as that takes much times with WA (loading, then a dialogue asking where to keep the tab open and .....ugh, a huge bottleneck in my workflow.)

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    @yashpalgoyal1304 I see that you duplicated these posts in a three-year-old Linux thread. Are you using both Windows and Linux?

    Have you tried showing the Desktop version of the site in the Panel? (Right-click on the icon)

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    @pesala No, I am not using it in Linux (sorry for that duplication, Shall I remove that ?!! ).
    And yeah, as far as I remember, I had enabled desktop mode, but I will reconfirm it.
    Did u try to reproduce the issue ??? Although the steps to reproduce the issue are trivial, but still are as :-

    1. Open WhatsApp Web or Gaana in the Web panel
    2. In WA, Open any chat containing any document (not photo, as Photo can be simply downloaed as save picture) or Search any song in Gaana.
    3. In WA, open the document, and similarly open the song in Gaana.
    4. Click the download icon in WA or Play Song button/icon in Gaana. And try again with Desktop mode toggled.
    5. The document downloaded toast shows in WA, and in Gaana the seekbar progresses. But nothing else happen actually (the download isn't initiated and the audio isn't playing) .

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    @Pesala As far as I can think, the problem is that web panels don't have the access to these things like Storage, speakers, and (taking that further, maybe even) Camera,
    and mic too !!???

    To check that try this with other A/V streaming site like Youtube and WA / Skype video call to check camera and mic access.

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    @pesala And should this post moved to Vivaldi for all Platforms ??

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