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  • All of a sudden, my navigation bar in the vivaldi website has changed from having the 4 buttons of Mail, Community, Forum and some other button to having the 3 line button, which, if you click on, will show these other buttons I described before. I have a feeling that either the webpage thinks I am on a mobile device, which I am not, or the developers have chosen to make this change. I believe that this change is not comfortable and adds for extra clicking. Moreover, the background of the options after clicking on the 3 line button is plain black, which looks ugly. I would rather if it could be reverted to what it was before, or, if it is a bug that the page thinks I am on a mobile device, hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  • Moderator

    HOW you arrive at the page appears to affect this. Follow a link from mail, get the hamburger menu. Navigate there on your own, or using a bookmark, get the linear text menu. The forum gods are aware of this problem and have pledged to fix it, but have not done so as yet.

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