Option to Remove Search Engine from Quick Commands

  • until very recently, when i typed "{F2}wha{ENTER}" it would open quick commands, search for "wha", find my bookmark on WhatsAppWeb, and open it. but with the most recent update the topmost result in the quick commands is always "search for {query} on {search engine}" which means i now have to always press {arrowDown} before hitting enter, which is really annoying especially due to the position of that key.

    If I do want to search something with a search engine I use the address bar anyway, please give an option do disable this.

  • Exactly my opinion!
    I think the problem is, that the Quick Commands don't prefer parts of the url to a search. But most times I know the domain name and not the articles title.
    The Quick Commands is the potentially best feature of Vivaldi but the search in it is simply not good yet.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    In the meantime, you can add nicknames to bookmarks as a workaround.

    I've added nicknames for my most used bookmarks (outl for Outlook, paper for DropBox Paper, wf for WritingForums.org, etc.) for this reason. Bookmark nicknames are prioritised above everything else (I think) in QC, so writing "paper" will always open DropBox Paper.

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