Multiple Vivaldi

  • Hi, i just downloaded vivaldi and i love it!.... im a advanced user with multiple desktops etc... i need to run multiple vivaldi, currently is only possible to run one instance.... there is an option to start vivaldi as another instance?

  • Can't you just use the File->New Window function?

  • Well ofc is an option but is faster in my multiple desktop linux config press the vivaldi icon….

    and not find the desktop that vivaldi is and new window and put the window in the wanted desktop.....

    just like firefox do! :)

  • somthing in bash like vivaldi -new ? i think must be one bash option to do this!

  • Normally on Windows if you shift click on an icon it will open a new window however this has no effect on Vivaldi. However ctrl+n does work. That should work on all OSes (cmd+n on macs)

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    Middle button also opens another instance.

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