Disable confirm download

  • Hi, Is there any way to disable the 'confirm download' box that keeps coming up for .exe files? Using Vivaldi 64 bit on Win 7

  • Hi, it seems that you need to disable "Enable Google Phishing and Malware Protection" from the Privacy tab.

  • Found some other info about disabling "Enable Google Phishing and Malware Protection" and turned it off a while ago but it hasn't worked for me.

  • That's weird, I had the same problem and it did the trick for me this morning. I'm using the Technical Preview 4 released yesterday. :)

  • Just installed TP4 and tried a download with no nag, unfortunately I might have to go back to the previous version as I can't get any extensions to run/install in TP4

  • i thought this feature would increase security, say for drive by downloads? maybe even some exploits?

  • Go to Tools, Show Extensions to allow blocked extensions.

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