How did you find about Vivaldi?

  • Word of mouth, as soon as I heard it was able to be customized via css I was all over it, I love css and have an unhealthy infatuation with coding it 💯
    I do flip between this and Firefox, both get equal use out of me, I like to check websites out in multiple browsers as a developer does.

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    I recently ditched Maxthon after 3 years, and Googled for another browser. There was a review site that reviewed 5 different browsers, and Vivaldi was one that I'd never heard of before. And here I are! 🙂

  • Probably hacker news or wired or something lol. It's been so long. Although to be honest it's still only kind of my primary browser, I still use Edge on my PC sometimes because it starts faster and Safari on my mac because it's wayyyy better at battery life.

  • After trying most browsers: Opera, Firefox even Sea monkey I saw Vivaldi in the browser search and not looked back...🌴

  • Through Google.
    I got sick and tired of the new features that Opera added and the good ones that they removed so I googled an alternative browser and here I am!

  • I was searching for a FAST (other than Firefox, that loved-hated spluttering memory leak), extensible browser -- which would let me have tab thumbnails that are always visible (not only on mouse hover) SIDEWAYS down the monitor.

    Additionally, that browser would have to be fully compatible with with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 😉

    And I found it 😊

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    i was an old opera user who switched back to internet eplorer/edge when opera 16 was out...disappointed by the direction opera was taking i changed...then one day in a telegram group about sailfish os they were talking about opera and someone said that ceo left to form vivaldi...immediately downloaded (it was like beta 0.7) and never feels like home 😉

  • User on another forum.

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