How did you find about Vivaldi?

  • Read about Vivaldi last night :



  • Webuser had a feature about Vivaldi.

  • @Wicket1138:


    At the 27th of January this year the tech news platform '' released an article 'Vivaldi: Former Opera director is presenting a new web browser'. That was my personal starting signal..

    Same here. I stumbled on that article as well.

    Following I did as well. Jungle drums told me, you'd say. That "former Opera director" was the reason for me to follow. The drums told me to listen … I still do, and give it a bark now and then.

  • I also found out from an article, "Former Opera CEO Launches Vivaldi, A New Browser For Power Users" There wasn't really a browser that I was in love with at that moment and seeing one targeted at 'power users' was very appealing. The extra organizational bits drew me in, especially stacked tabs. I never used Opera except when cross browser testing so this is refreshingly new. I think… I adore it? 🙂

  • Wikipedia - List of Webbrowsers - and just in time! 🙂
    this had been my second try with Firefox, and once again I am extremely pissed at their arrogant approach - I want a webbrowser, not a parent telling me what to and what not to.

    Used to use Opera 12 and previous versions since too long ago to remember.
    When I had a malware infection some months ago (first one in 13 or so years), resetting the notebook to factory defaults I thought would be a good time to finally give up on old Opera 😞 - some sites no longer worked properly in it, and the javascript thingy had always been troublesome to me.

    Then I found out that 50% of the sites not working correctly in old Opera also would not in Firefox (39) - lol.
    And now them self-entitled Mozilla buggers show once again their bloody "we know better than u users what you want!" attitude - nothing has changed since I rage-quit Firefox the first time, long long ago (idiotic POST-behaviour, and even more idiotic refusal to have it optional, for us users to choose.)

    I really hope they also loose their last bastion Germany. Maybe they finally come to some sense, then. (I do not believe in this, though)

  • Came from Firefox. Browsed Wikipedia, looked at a timeline of web browsers. Saw an interesting new browser. Currently trying it out. It's amazing so far 🙂

  • I discovered Vivaldi in Dec. 2015 while searching for info on Opera's next browser update or what was happening there.

  • I found out about it from a discussion about browsers on The Student Room forum.

  • Read about it on a IT-news site, when the first technical preview was launched. Vivaldi was called "the real successor of Opera", so I checked it out. Of course many things wheren't working back then (hence the "preview" status of the release), but I kept an eye on Vivaldi. Currently checking out the newest beta release and so far I like it much much better than new Opera.

  • saw some buzz about it in Manjaro forums. Would love to see a tarball instead of just dpkg and rpm packages :whistle:

  • This article from Lifehacker convinced me.

  • I had heard about Vivaldi for a year almost, but did not use it before yesterday. I got a brand new machine and wanted a clean new start with software I had not tried before and are now trying out Sleipnir and Vivaldi browser. Both are very promising.

  • Opera Forum during the dark transition days
    Thanks Opera User ;}

    I waited for Vivaldi 1.0 then pounced on it!

  • I saw the announcement for Vivaldi 1.0 on Reddit. I remembered using Opera once upon a time, and I heard that modern Opera isn't doing too well, so the idea of a new web browser resurrecting that old Opera spirit appealed to me. I remembered using MyOpera, so hearing that Opera discontinued that disappointed me. I like the idea of a browser with a community. I also just like the aesthetics of the browser.

    Prior to Vivaldi, I had been mostly using Firefox, using Chrome when I needed to do stuff with flash (because Linux).

  • Heard about it in a tech news youtube video.

  • I think it was on some article somewhere

  • I came from Edge and I found Vivaldi out on a video called "Best browsers of 2016"

  • I come from Chrome and haphazardly found Vivaldi while searching for a new browser more secure. I continuously had problems with Chrome remembering cookies I specifically wanted to be deleted after closing the browser. Even after two uninstalls the option didn't work.

    Suddenly my eyes fell on Vivaldi on a wikipedia page. I followed the url and read the following sentence here:
    "The browser is aimed at staunch technologists…"

    This convinced me to install it. Then I uninstalled it because I didn't immediately find what I was looking for, and the bookmark icons didn't refresh (I figured it out by now). A day later I installed it again, and I'm like a kid with a new toy. I'm totally loving this prodigious creation appropriately called Vivaldi.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    I was bored so I Googled "web browsers" and a new one that I had never, ever heard of showed up. Thought, "what the heck" and installed it. After figuring out how to import and set-up the bookmark toolbar I found my new default browser. Been using Vivaldi for a little over two weeks now. Beats the crap out of Chrome and Firefox. One major problem, I still need to learn the other 99% that Vivaldi can do. I doubt that I will ever learn or comprehend every thing that Vivaldi is able to do. Or, what I can do with Vivaldi. Vivaldi is one mean browser…I like that. 😉 🙂

  • I read about it on the Opera support forum. I was only in the first technical preview stage, so I came back from time to time to check the progress.


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