Panel Width Tweaking Question

  • ~ Does anyone know how to make the [b]Bookmark Panel Container[/b]'s maximum draggable width go wider than [b]61.8%[/b] of my maximized window's width ? Even when I change the CSS code for that parameter, I can make the maximum draggable panel width smaller, but not larger than the original 61.8% amount. (It obeys when I set the parameter smaller, and ignores when I set it larger.) I think that some other parameter is pushing back at me, possibly one which influences the width of the web page pane of the window, but I do not see any likely culprit in the [b]common.css[/b] file, and any which I have tweaked seem not to help. Do any coders out there have ideas on how to make the panel occupy, say 80 or 90% of the window's width ? If I could accomplish that, I would less need the less accessible full-window BM manager which is embedded in the Speed Dial page. ~


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