TouchPad Gestures for History Navigation

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    @weissi29 With nearly 2,800 feature requests, and a small team, those needed by few users or difficult to implement may have to wait for a long time. Wherever you see that a feature is tagged as In Progress, it may get done this year rather than next.

    The low number of votes for the feature request is probably not the reason why it is not even tagged as Pipeline, let alone In Progress. It is probably because it takes a lot of work to fix. The developers are surely aware of the issue. They rarely reply here. Maybe one of the insiders like @Gwen-Dragon or @Ayespy will have some knowledge that I do not.

  • @Pesala thx for your reply 🙂
    please don't see it as a reproach, I was just puzzled about the lack of this feature (as it is requested for a long time)

    is this feature not implemented/supported in Chromium itself? Chrome, Edge, Brave,... -> all are supporting the same touchpad behaviour.

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    @weissi29 They all have the same kind of UI, and Vivaldi does not. Vivaldi's UI is built completely separate from the rendering engine and the OS, and so everything negotiated by the UI (such as touch gestures) must be written from scratch by Vivaldi devs. The unique UI is the reason Vivaldi is able to have its feature set.

  • I am also missing this feature so much.
    Going back and forth in history just with 2-finger swipe is crucial and every other browser has it.
    Really how difficult it is to implement? You already have a gesture system in place.
    This can be done in js with a 1-liner and a simple coordinates system by using Touchy :

    if (finger1Start < finger1End && finger2Start < finger2End) History.back();

  • @chriscochrun Amazing that Vivaldi still does not support that? I would consider it to be top priority, if not # 1 priority. Vivaldi Devs, please forget everything that you have, drop everything and put everyone on this tiny feature, but most important feature.

  • @CSPGQQT said in TouchPad Gestures for History Navigation:

    I would consider it to be top priority, if not # 1 priority.

    You and (maybe) 25 other people. It's not even close to being in the top 100 outstanding most requested features. We all have our own personal pet features that we think are crucial, but no matter how much we individually want something that doesn't equal widespread demand. I too have my own features I wish Vivaldi would "drop everything" and implement for me.

    @lucaspon said in TouchPad Gestures for History Navigation:

    There must be a workaround to this, can someone share it?

    Configure "History Back" to your preference in:


    Not exactly the same, but a workaround.

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