Save Page Actions for Specific Page, Domain, or Tab

  • This is not the same as or the various posts regarding saving Page Actions as a default. I am asking about saving Page Actions solely for the tab or page you enabled them on. For example, let's say there is a page that you visit frequently and you want to utilize the Filter Invert action every visit rather than using an extension for automated CSS injection; it would be much more efficient to save this behavior than to input the 2 clicks each time. This could be for a specific link, an entire domain, or the tab from which it was activated; whichever you or the community thinks is worthwhile.

  • Yes, please! As a tinkerer like most of us here are, I visit the Chrome Web Store frequently. It's a special page that's locked from having DarkReader changes applied to it (the extension I use to give web pages a dark theme). Vivaldi's Invert Colors filter works wonderfully, but having to enable it every time I visit the site is annoying.

  • Yes I think it could be really useful. An other possibility is to not display images when on YouTube : a way to spend inconsciouly less time on it. But the same annoying thing that you mention : need to remake this actions every time we go on those sites.

  • I came looking specifically for this. This should be a thing.
    Too many websites (ahem, Vivaldi) don't offer a dark mode and I hate that I have to Filter Invert every time I visit. Should be a setting for page/domain/subdomain as OP said.

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