Pause/Play media controls in the tab

  • For youtube tabs, and possibly other media tabs could pause play controls be added to the tabs themselves. This way I could actually stop and start videos or podcasts i am listening to in the background without leaving the tab I am on.

  • @zeiglerxz That is a great idea!

    The android smartphone has a similar feature: When it's playing music, the usual set of buttons (previous song, stop, next song) is displayed on the lock screen and on the notification bar (I don't know what it's called).

    On the web browser, I'm often annoyed by how cumbersome it is to stop the sound from a tab when I have many tabs:

    1. Brows the tabbar to determine which tab is making the sound.
    2. Activate the tab and hit the stop button.

    You could say that I could hit the loud-speaker icon on the tab instead of step 2, but that would just shut the sound up without stopping the playing, which wastes some CPU resource.

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