Snapshot with more settings ready for download!

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    Hey, Following up on the new startup-option dialogue, we added more option to it this week. You can now define a list of pages to start with. We also added an option to disable single-key shortcuts. CTRl+Shift+V for paste and go now also works when you have focus on the document, not just when address-field is focused. The settings window should now also start faster after a small tweak. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

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    BUG The settings window does not react to clicks.

    Workaround: This does not occur if language setting is set to English! :woohoo:

  • I can only access the settings panel once, via Vivaldi button - Tools - Settings. After that, using the same process, nothing happens. The settings panel won't open. I have to close and re-open the browser to open settings again.

    Using vivaldi://settingspage I can open the settings, but can only partially see some of the settings because the Appearance, Navigation, Privacy and Display All pages don't scroll.

    Windows 32 bi

    Edit. The settings panel is working fine now, opening properly. I have a few extensions installed so decided to disable them to see if they were somehow the cause of the problem. Re-started Vivaldi.

    Once the extensions were disabled the settings panel worked correctly, opening on every click. I enabled the extensions one by one to see if I could find which one might have been causing it but now, with them all re-enabled, the settings panel opens as and when I want it. It's now working as it should.

    Might be best to list the extensions I have installed.

    Magic Actions For Youtube
    Scroll To Top Button
    History Eraser
    Ublock Origin

    So it looks like the fault is caused by me installing extensions, and not the browser.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the work that you put in the development of the browser. I'm already really close to abandoning completely the Opera 12 for Vivaldi. I miss just two things and I would like to ask when we can expect them (Yes I know that this is not the most appropriate topic for this questions but did not find anything about it on the forum).

    When you add the ability to sync and the possibility of modifying mouse gestures? Could someone give a list of supported mouse gestures?

    PS. Thanks again for the great job you are doing!


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