Snapshot with more settings ready for download!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hey, Following up on the new startup-option dialogue, we added more option to it this week. You can now define a list of pages to start with. We also added an option to disable single-key shortcuts. CTRl+Shift+V for paste and go now also works when you have focus on the document, not just when address-field is focused. The settings window should now also start faster after a small tweak. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

    • I noticed this with the previous build as well: hitting Cmd-T for a new tab opens two new tabs.
    • The keyboard shortcut for Quick Commands has changed from Cmd-G to Cmd-E
    • When you close the Quick Commands dialog, the element that previously had the focus doesn't regain it.

  • My only feedback is that I really like what you're doing. I used to use Opera until they went and messed it all up, and I feel quite at home with Vivaldi. Keep up the good work!

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