Quick Commands

  • Hi, I really love to see the old useful features from Opera ported and thank you for the browser. The Quick Commands seems like the F2 "go to page" bar from Opera. At first I was happy to have this feature back and to disable the URL Bar at the top. For me, it is "too intelligent". I mean, I understand that you pimp this simple "go to page" bar, but I really want this pure, simple "go to page" bar from Opera 12. Why? [ol] [li]For example, I sometimes just want to input an URL, the default is to search my input, so I need to use the cursors to jump down for the URL field. At this moment I realise, that this is not "quick" anymore. Why not give this choice the user with the search shorthand? When I want to search with google, I will just enter a "g" in front.[/li] [li]Also this field puts an "http" in front of it. Thank you, every noob will love it. The problem is for me, that when I just paste an url from somewhere with already http in front, the result is an error because of the "http://http://...". Sometimes I also want to usw ftp:// or https://.....this seems impossible without using the adressbar. This hardcoded "http://" stinks ;-)[/li] [li]When I enter an URL I already used, there is my history shown. Thats wonderfull. Sometimes (often) I need this older URL and want to change it or even see or copy it. Thats not possible.[/li] [li]Also the performance. On an older Core2Duo needs some seconds till my input is shown because of all the magic. But I really just want to enter an URL.[/li] [/ol] So for me, it´s not really usefull. Maybe its possible to configure it to the needs or just an simple, unintelligent, oldschool, boring URL field beneath the "cool" Quick Commands? I miss you, Opera 12 "Go to page" 😉 [img]http://chromax.de/temp/url.png[/img]


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