Java Chearleaders

  • Please thank the powers that be for including JRE! Will be converting 19 hospitals from Chrome to Vivaldi as soon as practical.

  • BrianStack are you saying that Java now works in Vivaldi for you? How? Under what OS? I'm still getting a "This plugin is not supported" error when I visit the Java test page.

  • Working for me, 32-bit Vivaldi on Win 8.1 64-bit.

  • wfm too (win10 x64, latest vivaldi x86 snapshot)

  • not working on mac yosemite….

  • It looks like it's not working on Linux either.

  • So how do I get it working; can't find any settings for Java or plug-ins.
    Windows 7.

  • Hmm, I get
    Verified Java Version
    You have the recommended Java installed (Version 8 Update 45).

    But when I visit this page:
    I only see a blank page. Works fine in IE, but not in Opera …

    Win7x64 Vivaldi*32

  • I have "click to play" set in my Vivaldi (It's a chrome setting you have to use the proper shortcut to reach). When I go to that page I get the click to play emblem, I click on that, then I get a query popover asking If I want to run Java, I permit that, then I get a couple of brief iterations of the "waiting" rotary donut, and then a blank page. It looks as though Vivaldi would love to run Java on that page, but simply can't display the result.

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