Open New Tab Left of the Active Tab from Previous and Rewind Buttons

  • EDIT: In case the title wasn't clear, all I propose is that when someone Ctrl+clicks or Middle-clicks on the "Previous" button in the address bar (or the Rewind button ~ why not), the resulting tab is opened to the left of the active tab, rather than to its right.

    I wish it was possible to give that behavior to the Previous and Rewind buttons. This is a matter of making your tab order reflect your navigation chronology. I always find myself dragging the newly opened tab left of the current one after opening a new tab with the Previous or Rewind button.

    I expect some users are used to having the tab open right of the current one and have habits which uses that fact, so there should be an option in Settings > Tabs to toggle the behavior.
    I have never experienced this behavior in any web browser so I suggest leaving this option as off by default, and maybe switch it to on by default after a time if no drawbacks are found.

    Now I don't know whether it will be easy to implement. If Vivaldi internally maintains a tree of related tabs, I expect a sensible behavior would be to set the Back-opened parent to that of the current tab and to set the parent of the current tab to the Back-opened tab.

  • @loxaxs There are various options in Settings, Tabs, for the New Tab position.

    I think that this should be independent of those options.

  • @Pesala I reopened my [Settings > Tabs] tab. There's indeed a general New Tab Position setting, and a Cloned Tab Postion setting:


    I agree that the option to make Back-opened tab open to the left should not exist as one more option in the "New Tab Position" selector, but rather as a tick box, named for instance "Tabs opened from the Previous or Rewind buttons should be placed left of the active Tab".
    This box could be placed either in the "Tab Handling" column, or in its own special column, which could be named, for instance, "More Tab Position Options", or "History-related Tab Position Options".

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