Use three line icon for menu button

  • Using the icon with three lines over each other has become more and more popular as a menu button. So much so, that I automatically expected to see it when I used Vivaldi for the first time. In my personal opinion, it makes much more sense to use such an icon, instead of one that uses the Vivaldi logo. Everyone using Vivaldi, knows they are using Vivaldi anyway, so why not use a button that much more people would find instantly recognizable?

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    Oh GAWD ! :ohmy:

    Haven't we enough reasons already to avoid Google's influence than to have it FOLLOW us when we go somewhere else ?

    Thumbs Down on that one !

    Besides, the original Horizontal Menu is so much more intuitive and useful, as long as it does not hog a whole toolbar to itself, like in IE.

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    @ Sajadi :

    I agree with everything which you just said.

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    I'm sure when full skinning arrives, someone(s) will make a number of skins that use the hamburger menu.

    Until then, I would love to see emphasis on functionality.

  • @Ayespy:

    ā€¦.UNTIL then, I would love to see emphasis on functionality.

    ā€¦.and also AFTER then.... :lol:

    BTW, in the UI Customization thread, An_dz just posted a CSS way to make a dummy Vivaldi logo icon at the left end of the address bar, for those who want the horizontal menu rather than the button menu, so I'm confident that the V-Menu Button could be altered similarly to a picture of a cat, a bottle of whiskey, a toaster, or whatever else a person may wish. šŸ˜‰

  • Good points. I agree that being able to customize it if one wishes is a better idea.


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