Forum Page Title Authoring Change Proposal

  • ~ If Vivaldi (and many other sites) would author their web pages to put the name of the forum and the site AFTER the name of the thread or individual page, it would be less necessary for us to use thumbnails and tooltips, which would improve browser performance if we could turn them off. Also, when I save bookmarks with those two fields placed first, I cannot tell afterwards what page is in each of my bookmarks either. They all just say VIVALDI..... (or whatever other sites' names which author that way). So I edit the bookmarks (at least I can do this myself, though it is extra work for me), so that I can immediately see what matters when looking at my bookmark titles - the name of the thread or the page. I can identify a site anyway, from the favicon of the tab or of the bookmark, so I really do not need the other two fields at all. How's THAT for a different perspective ? ;) ~

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