Assign Shortcuts to Mouse-gestures

  • I miss the option to set a key-combination instead of a command from the list.

    Sample: execute strg + c, have mouse-gesture been carried out.

    And similar, add the strg + c to the command-list ­čÖé

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    German text copied from your other thread

    Man k├Ânnte hinzu f├╝gen das ein angegebenes Tastenk├╝rzel ausgef├╝hrt wird (statt etwas aus der Befehlsliste). Da h├Ątte ich jetzt z.B. strg + c angeben k├Ânnen und mit einer Mausgeste verbinden k├Ânnen.

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    Copy, cut, and paste are not currently assignable as keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures. That is the problem.

    If one could assign a mouse gesture to the "Copy" command I think that would accomplish what you need better than being able to assign it to "Ctrl+C" unless you want the action performed by the mouse gesture to change if the shortcut "Ctrl+C" is reassigned to something else, e.g. "Copy Selected Text to Note."

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